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Reimagine Home Building!

Steel frame homes do not look like barns or airplane hangars, in fact, you will not be able to tell the material differences from any other house on the block. Steel frame homes are made of light gauge galvanized cold-rolled steel. Strong, stable, non-combustible, impervious to termites and mold plus environmentally conscientious. Steel is a perfect choice for any climate; actually, it is the ideal choice for semi tropical climates or anywhere extreme weather takes its toll.

ARC Transformer Line

A smart, new design concept that transforms your home to fit your lifestyle, perfectly. 

Homes designed to “transform” as the buyer’s income and need for space grows. 

Patented fabrication techniques make ARC stand alone in the steel frame construction world.

Two Very Different Styles - One Amazing Concept

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a blend of traditional and modern styles


sleek modern lines

For the Buyer

Benefits of steel for the owner are clear: safety, strength, design flexibility, and minimal invasion of your surrounding environment.

For the Builder

Alternative Residential Components offers builder friendly steel frame packages of most standard models at a surprisingly low cost.

For the Developer

Our “New Hometown” concept captures the best benefits of community living, while improving structural strength and safety through innovation.